Dear Investor,

I hope you are doing great?

This notice is to inform you that there has been an update on our investment plans and interest rate.

The adjustment is as a result of the current cryptocurrency market condition.

Due to the quick payout of the 3 and 7 days plans, we tend to often close our open trade positions in other to meet up with investors’ payout and this has resulted in us closing most open trades at a significant loss and paying a high transaction fee to process withdrawals.

Below is a good example of some canceled trades position that lasted for over 2 weeks that could have potentially earned us huge profits.

Essentially, as swing traders, some of our open trade positions require several days typically 5-7 weeks  (in some cases, it takes longer than 3 months to close) before we are able to see sufficient price movement to render a reasonable profit.

With these new plans update, we will be able to maximize your gains by patiently allowing your trades to close without disruption.

We hope this adjustment to plans will help you earn higher returns on your investment as well as save for the long term.

That is why we encourage you as an investor, to have a long term mindset towards your bitcoin investment, and investing in general.

Furthermore, in line with this new development, we have set plans in motion and currently working on our BIP crypto trading academy.

There, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to begin your journey as a crypto trader.
  • Trade crypto for yourself and earn higher returns.
  • Copy our top-performing BIP brokers strategies using our plug & play plan.
  • Earn higher returns on your investment with low risk and high reward tips and strategies from the BIP team (The BST Method)
  • Get exclusive access to our top-performing gold mine coins that we research manually, and how to profit from them. 

Below is a perfect example of one BIP goldmine coin that experiences a high swing rate in a short period of time.

And here is an example of what you can earn trading this crypto.


If you have any active investment in the 3 or 7 days plan, please endeavor to remove them on ‘Recurring’ before the 17th December 2020, as all open trade positions in these plans will be closed and won’t earn you any profit.

You can choose from the newly available plans to re-invest your funds.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

You can also check our Terms of use page to verify this update.

Thanks for your continued support, and happy earnings.


The BIP Team.

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