Bic Camera one of the most lucrative electronic good stores has started to accept the Bitcoin in a limited capacity after the Japanese Government put forward new regulations. Bic Camera’s Chief revealed that most of the digital currency spenders in Japan were young males.

The Chief stated that when they setup the digital currency payment system in their stores they believed that most of the customers will be foreigners but this did not turn out to be the case. Bic Camera felt that digital currency is quite a popular choice once they setup the digital currency payment system in their stores.

Once the Japanese Government announced that the Bitcoin was a legal mode of payment Bic Camera felt more comfortable in offering this mode of payment. Currently, the trend is that most of the customers are quite willing to pay in Bitcoin.

Bic Camera noticed this trend when they started to allow the Bitcoin payment in two of their top stores in 2017. When Bic Camera identified the demand of the customers, they decided to accept the bitcoin payment in about 40 of their stores.

Apart from this Bic Camera also conducted a study so that they could identify the potential Bitcoin users. Additionally, the store also asked its cashier to check out the relevant sales records when accepting payment in bitcoin.

The actual trend in Japan is that most of the young males in their early 30’s purchase tablets and digital cameras from Bic Camera and use bitcoin as a mode of payment. The interesting part is that the percentage of bitcoin spenders is gradually increasing with the passage of time. This means that the bitcoin payment trend is bound to last by all means for sure.

At the moment this electronic store is not concerned about the security issues as well and there is a reason behind it. Bic Camera has partnered with Bitflyer which is one of the top digital currency exchanges in Japan.

Bitflyer is an exchange that has been approved by the Financial Service Agency so it does enjoy credibility. This means that all the bitcoin payment processing will be transparent. Moreover, the store will not have to face any issue in processing these payments.

All this shows that people are gradually gaining awareness about the perks of digital currency and this trend is bound to continue for a long time to come. There is also a possibility that more stores may offer digital currency as a mode of payment.

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