About BIP

Bitcoininvestment.pw (BIP) is a brand under Bitgroup Incognito, a leading bitcoin investment site providing investors the ability to instantly and seamlessly invest and earn bitcoin using the best bitcoin investment strategies (BST method).

about bitcoininvestment.pw

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Bitcoininvestment.pw (BIP) is an Estonian efficient investment fund for professional investors who want exposure to the growth of Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

It is a specialist fund that pays weekly dividends to investors in Bitcoin for as long as their trading investment produce a return, venture capital high growth investments and Crypto Currencies that can produce a very high return with a high risk.

This is a high return investment fund giving exposure to the world of Cryptocurrencies across crypto trading, coin investment and investing in companies in the sector.

Operating since September of 2018, Bitcoininvestment.pw has attracted over 45k active investors from around the world.

We offer you an intuitive interface, the best investment profit rates and secure transactions.

We aspire to establish mutual trust with our clients; thereof we don’t have any hidden or unreasonable fees.

We only charge a fixed withdrawal fee of $0.5 + 0.5% for successful trade and that’s it, full stop.

You can join our new Telegram group to chat and share your experiences with other investors on our platform.

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Our Team Message

As traders ourselves, our mission is to close the gap between institutional traders and investors looking to take their finances into their own hands.

The pros have tools and you should too.

We started Bitcoininvestment.pw to help people like you earn higher returns and manage your risk more effectively.

Strong capital management can make all the difference between a profitable career and an expensive hobby.

Our simple features, like being able to set take profits and stoplosses at the same time, mean you don’t have to watch the charts 24/7 to succeed.

You can rest easy knowing you’re covered if your trade doesn’t play out exactly the way you expected.

We promise to always be traders-first and ensure every feature is absolutely critical and has a proven track record of success.

This is just the beginning, thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

Your friends at Bitcoininvestment.pw (BIP)